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Nice older set of pictures comming from Private Transsexual paysite I have recently found. It was one of the first photo sessions of Natassia Dreams. Then she was fresh shemale face and she wasn’t so famous like now. But it was good time for her becouse she used to be more famous from day to day then. Now she is well known tranny pornstar with own official page.
In this photos Natassia is sweet like chocolate. Her dark body looks beautiful and young. Her face is shining and mouths beautifully smiling. It is sometimes great to see older photos from begginings. Private Transsexual has nice collecion of Natassia Dreams photos and videos. Of course there are much more photo and video content with other great shemales. Just try Private Transsexual site now.

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Nice hardcore photos of Natassia Dreams with new boyfriend has been published. All photos has been taken on the ranch in the background of beautiful mountain background. Natassia showing her big cock and her boyfriend is starting to sucking it. Natassia love having cock sucked but she prefer hard sex. She love feel something big in her tight ass. She feels then amazing. When she is home alone she love watching porn movies and stroking her cock. But with boyfriend she love having great sex. There are no different if her ass is drilled or she is drilling ass or tight pussy. This time Natassia Dreams having her ass drilled and few moments later Natassia shemale is fucking hard ass of her boyfriend. Great set, and I am wating for the movie. 

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Nice older video and photoset with Natassia Dreams has been published inside her official site. This content is very interesting becouse it is just very hard action which has been taken in company of hot fucker Jay. This episode has been called “Me and the handyman”.
This episode is starting when Natassia is waiting for a painter. Natassia need to have her room painted. She is waiting a long time and starting dreaming about handyman. She is seeing him as very handsome man with very huge cock. She is dreaming that she starting sucking her cock, licking it and putting it into her ass. Her dreams are making real becouse the pantier falling in love when he is looking for Natassia. TS Natassia needs somone to fuck so both are huppy and starting hard actions. The painter is taking off her panties. He is a little surprised but her cock looking so delicious that he immediately start sucking it. Few moments later shemale Natassia Dreams is fucking hard into her tight ass.
Natassia looks amazing in this photoset. She don’t have any spicy makeup. She looks like a next door girl and she is very sweet. Her sexy body is making me hotter everytime when I am watching her videos and photos. Personally I love watching her round ass, long black cock and sweet face. Her mouths are round, just beautifull. Yes, Natassia is very feminine person, and the best is her little secret hidden under her panties.

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Shemale Natassia Dreams movie

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I saw recently a new super photoset of pictures of Nattasia. These new images I’ve found inside the official website of Natassia Dreams. The photos are in great quality. Natassia looking wonderfully in these pictures. In the background you can see a magnificent landscape of the city from a great height. Nattasia Dreams posing on the terrace of the house located on the mountain. The effect is beautifully and originally photos.
This time Natassia pornstar is wearing a black short dress. It is perfectly fitted to body of Natassia so you can admire her splendid shapes. Personally I love her round butt and boobs. For all shemale lovers Natassia Dreams has a little secret hidden in their panties. She is showing her sweet secret, but at the end of the photo session.
In white, black patterned panties Natassia hides her the biggest secret. It is of course her big cock. Natassia removes her panties and begins to caress herself in the different positions. For all round ass of Natassia lovers we also find photos taken from behind. You can then see Nattasia’s tight ass-hole. I’am only sad becouse in this episode no any good fucker or just simple dildo in the ass of tranny Natassia.

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Sweet ebony pornstar tranny Natassia Dreams in this photosession poses in violet corset and and sexy violet panties. She is wearing only this two clothes, nothing more. So Natassia is from beginning posing half-naked. It makes from her very sexy poser. Natassia is very shape black model. She has very long legs and firm middle size tits. Natassia look very fresh and delicious in this photoset.
Before shemale Natassia is naked she is making small show. She is uncovering her panties and shows her black cock for a moment only. Before she taking off her panties and corset permanently she is showing her round ass and other parts of her body hidden under her lingerie. Next Natassia Dreams is taking off her corset and panties. Now we can admire her naked body. And there is somthing to admire, becouse she is all beauty. Natassia is sweet like chocolate and I think everybody would like to taste her body. Her cock and shape ass is what every shemale lover want to admire and touch.

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Natassia is shemale who prefer hard sex. She is beauty so she don’t have problems with someone to fuck. No different it is girl, shemale or man. But sometimes Natassia Dreams would like to be alone at home. Then she is resting and relaxing. Sometimes she is masturbating and playing with her favorite toy. Natassia is shemale so she has only one hole to put her dildo. Tranny Natassia loves when she is feeling something extra in her tight ass. She is playing her cock in the same time. Then her cumshot is bigger and Natassia has bigger pleasure.



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Yesterday has been strated new personal site from SMC Production. It is new site that is growing up group of shemale pornstar sites of SMC production. It is personal site of black beauty shemale pornstar Natassia. It has been called Natassia Dreams.

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We have already know this pornstar from other paysites like Shemale Strokers or Shemale Club. This time all her new exlusive photos and movies has been placed inside Natassia Dreams.

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Natassia comes from Sunny San Diego. She has been moved her house to New York and next to Miami. In this city she has been made her first shemale porn movie. Her body is very beautifull – so there are nothing strange she is so popular now. She has brown skinny body with round titties. She is known from hard tranny porn and sweet solo acts.
Her new site is dadicated not only for her already funs but for all tranny lovers. She is not casual tranny star and you should to check it.


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